Welcome to Silver Wolf Stained Glass. I can provide custom stained glass windows and other stained glass items for your home, business, or place of worship. I have special gifts at all price ranges. Our specialty is providing a world of color in glass; we bring all color to light. If you have a beloved stained glass window, lampshade, or other treasure in need of repair, I can help.


I do this by sitting down with my customers and discussing their wants. From there I can either use a stock pattern or design a custom pattern tailored to your specifications. I can do just about anything from enhancing your cabinet doors with textured glass to elaborate windows for your entryway or picture window.


Custom work is not limited to only stained glass. I have done fused plates, clocks and address plates. Sandblasting is also an option. There's nothing like the elegant look of a cabinet door with a dragonfly scene or other design on it.


I like to keep my designs fresh and interesting by combining techniques in a piece. This may be by sandblasting a design onto a piece of glass and putting a stained glass border around it. This makes for an interesting cabinet door.


Another way I like to combine elements is by fusing a tile or design onto a piece of glass and incorporating it into a traditional stained glass window. This makes the panel feel very "3-D" by having that little depth element.


So please take a look around and see if you can find that perfect inspiration.



- Len